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NFL Nike Jersey Buyer's Guide

What’s the difference between the NFL’s new Nike Game, Limited, and Elite jerseys? How do the sizes differ between styles? Find the answers to those questions in our official Nike NFL Jersey Buying Guide.

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Explore Features of the New 2012 Nike NFL Jersey

Starting in 2012, Nike is the NFL’s new uniform supplier after previously sporting uniforms by Reebok. The last time Nike made NFL jerseys was back in the 1990s. Most teams have adopted the new NFL Elite 51 uniform featuring a stronger, lighter fabric for increased performance. For the fans, offers three tiers of the new Nike NFL jersey: Elite, Limited, and Game jersey. This NFL Nike jersey buying guide will help you decide which jersey is perfect for you.

NFL Elite Jersey

The new Nike NFL Elite jersey is based off the NFL Elite 51 uniforms adopted by most teams and is closest to what the players wear on the field.

  • Flywire strength to resist stretching around the neck
  • Zoned stretched fabric
  • Flexible twill numbers
  • Strategic ventilation over body’s heat zones
  • Advanced, water repelling fabric
  • No-tag neck label

Four teams opted out of the Flywire collar (Cowboys, Patriots, Texans and Steelers). 5 teams opted out of the Elite 51 transformation altogether and kept their original design (Raiders, Packers, Eagles, Falcons, and Panthers).



NFL Limited Jersey

The Nike NFL Limited jersey has a quality that sits in between the Elite and Game jerseys.

  • Flywire strength
  • Twill numbers
  • Strategic ventilation over heat zones
  • No-tag neck label
  • Tailored fit designed for movement

NFL Game Jersey

The Nike NFL Game jersey is lightweight, strong, and comfortable for the casual fan to wear anywhere.

  • Tailored fit for movement
  • No-tag neck label for comfort
  • Silicon print numbers for lighter, softer feel
  • Lasting premium comfort

MLB Jersey Buying Guide

What’s the difference between Majestic’s Cool Base and Flex Base Jerseys? How does a Replica MLB jersey differ from an Authentic? Learn the answers to these questions with Jersey Buying Guide.

Authentic MLB Jerseys

MLB’s authentic jerseys are designed to be as close to what the players wear on the field. Featuring a double-knit polyester material, authentic baseball jerseys are made for durability. The jerseys also have the official logo of MLB, team logos, and numbers sewn on.

Replica MLB Jerseys

Replica MLB jerseys are designed to mimic the look and feel of an authentic MLB jersey but at a more affordable cost. The jersey is still a full-button up jersey but the twill lettering is ironed on, not sewn, and the material isn’t as light-weight as authentic.

Throwback MLB Jerseys

Throwback jerseys, made by Mitchell & Ness, are designed to look like the jerseys of the past. They feature sewn-on lettering, numbers, and a patch to denote the specific year of the jersey.

What are Flex Base Jerseys?

Flex Base uniforms are new for 2016 and feature a lighter-weight twill technology and mesh panels on the sides of the jerseys. The improvements are tailor-made to the players’ exact on-field design and help reduce the overall weight of the jersey by 10-20%.

What are Cool Base Jerseys?

Cool Base jerseys came out in 2015 use Majestic’s Cool Base Technology, which utilizes a lighter, moisture-wicking fabric and cooling mesh ventilation on the sides. You’ll know your jersey has Cool Base technology when it has the official Cool Base tag. Only authentic jerseys have the Cool Base technology.